Common Questions About Hypnosis
“All You Need Is The Desire…With Hypnosis You Can Achieve It”
What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
Hypnosis is similar to the “dreamy – drowsy” state, (that moment between knowing you are awake and going into the sleep state). Hypnosis provides a sense of profound physical and mental relaxation, that is both refreshing and revitalizing.

Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes. Every person of normal intelligence has the ability to be hypnotized.

Will I be asleep?
No. You remain completely aware of everything that’s going on. Although the words “deep sleep” may be used, we know that you are not really sleeping.  You hear everything that is being said. This is your clue to the fact that you are in the hypnotic state rather than sleep.

Do people ever get “stuck” in a trance?
No. You are only in a state of very deep relaxation and you can leave that state whenever you want to.  All trances end, whether formally ended by the Hypnotherapist or naturally by you.

Will I do things I don’t want to or be totally under your control?
Absolutely not. Hypnosis works on the basis of positive suggestions. While you may fall into a dreamlike state, your mind is still in control.  You are not in anyone’s power and you cannot be controlled in any way.

Is hypnosis dangerous?
Definitely not. There has never been a documented case of harm coming to anyone from the use of therapeutic hypnosis.

Does hypnosis weaken the will?
No. Hypnosis strengthens the will. Hypnosis works with the will, not against it.

I have no motivation and feel like I’m “stuck” but I want more from my life. Can hypnosis help me?
Yes. Lack of motivation can be the result of any number of things. Hypnosis is often the best and fastest method of determining what is at its root.

What if I am uncertain of a specific issue I need to work on? What if I just don’t know what I want? Can hypnosis help me?
Yes. Hypnosis can definitely help clarify one’s innermost desires by allowing what resides in the subconscious mind to rise to the surface.

I have a lot of “baggage” in my life from past negative experiences. I am tired of carrying this “weight” around with me. Can hypnosis help?
Yes. So-called “baggage” is often easily unpacked in the hypnotic state. Once brought up from the subconscious, past negative experiences often lose their powerful hold over you.

I had a bad breakup with a man/woman and I’m having trouble moving on. Can hypnosis help me?
Yes. Hypnosis is very helpful in coping with loss, separation and grief.

How do I know if hypnosis is for me?
A common misconception is that hypnosis is only for those with extreme problems. The truth is, anyone can benefit from hypnosis.